Sunday, September 18, 2016

ARFF at Genting

This is a very exciting night because I knew there will be dozen of entrepreneurs gather all together in the same ball room.

I did not expect a multi-billionaire Dr Cecil Chao will join this event. This 80 years old fellow was owning a net assets of HKD4.2billion and believed slept with 10,000 women.


Yumi Wong joined as well. 


I tried to talk to different people instead of talking to the same group of people again. 

Our CEO Fallon Loo

My leader Harry Tan

And this is Me, hoping one day to be here again and telling people my own success story.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life is very challenging

I knew the life could be very miserable if I resign my job being an engineer.

When I just join as a property advisor, I'd insomnia the whole night just thinking how am I going to close one deal.

I cried secretly in the midnight just because I not able to get one deal close in a month.

My leg was sooooo pain as I know I have to be the most hardworking people and standing for 12 hours.

I believe I could have done better. Everytime I drive alone, I turn off radio and giving encourage speech to myself. I could pay all I have to get more customer.

I believe I'm in a right path. A path to become a successful person. This day is getting nearer each day.

Time is the only matter. Slowly and painfully.

As I want to let my mom proud of me.
Bring her see the whole world.
Giving her a good life.
All these will need money.

Time is the only issue.
I sacrificed my time being together.
Went out to city and work very hard.
Rarely spending time with family.
In order to get my successful life and money.

But time doesn't wait. That day was still far far away. I'm waiting for one chance. i will grab this chance very very tight. Bet on this chance to turn around. All in on this precious moment, like I put my life in it.

In return, I can success early.
I'm only 70% ready for this moment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TI's Days

My first job after graduated. TI's product engineer. I still remember how excited I am when I noticed that I hired by this world class giant. 

I really appreciated how my performance was expected from this company and to be honest I'd try my best to suit my self in this company but my ambitious couldn't let me to do so. 😜

As always, I wanted to be best out of the best. These routine job-scope made me so sick, and made me impassioned. 😷

Deep in my heart, I want to be rich as soon as possible and I realized this is impossible if I continue working in TI. I mean really super rich. 😱

This moment, I knew I've to do a decision. 

Stay or leave.

Of course I've struggled. For a while. Anyway I decided to leave. Sorry. Sorry that I really loss all my passion, interests, and faith in TI. At last, unfortunately I'm still have to leave and seek my own career. 😢

For sure, I knew I will not living any better after I leaved TI. And the truth is I lived even worse. Now, I'm tired than before. Those anxieties. Worries.

But one thing I'm very sure, I'm making progress. 

Thank you my TI's friends, for everyone whoever helped me. I will definitely remember all of you. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Post Laju delivery experience

I been using Citylink all this time and this time I really doubt the service of POSTLAJU.

Item posted on 16th, and it reaching me on 20th. 

Postman reached my place and I'm not home, so he called me. He ask me go to post office to collect my item. But I say please wait me for 5 minute, I'm coming home.

He requested me to meet him at another place.

Finally I took my item and thanks him twice for delivering.

But he don't give a damn to me..


Monday, March 16, 2015

One year

It's been a year. A year ago I always thinking one thing, am I going to work? Now I'm already working.

And now I thinking, when I'm going to be rich?

My good friend Hui Xin said to me: "life should not aiming money only" yeah I know, life is short, why I need to be plan so much instead of enjoying my life now?

I prayed to god. I just hope god did listen to me. I never prayed to get money from god. What i want was everyone I love being protected and stay happy forever. This is the most precious blessing that I wish to get. 

Nothing more I want from god except this.