Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia Langkawi trip

First, seriously and patiently I would like to be an Langkawi Tour Guide here, because I have just back for Langkawi and hope to help peoples. Who else who want to plan for Langkawi trip I can share some experience with you or leave comments if have problems.

Now, considered you are living at any state which South of Perak. You can just go to Bus station to buy a ticket to Alor Setar.

The direction should be: Alor Setar -> Kuala Kedah -> Langkawi.

The actual route I have been through (Ipoh -> Butterworth -> Alor Setar -> Kuala kedah or Kuala perlis) used me 11 hours to reach Langkawi.

Kuala Kedah is the terminal where you get Jetty to Langkawi. But be carefull at this point - Kuala Kedah, here have agents (cheaters) who will introduce hotels, car rentals and special tours for you and please don't ever believe them! I tried and I totally regretfull. Just rent a car when you arrived Langkawi and I pretty sure you can get a fine hotel there.

Recommended ( City Bay view, Citin Hotel, Budget Inn, and Continent Hotel) All around RM90-RM165.

Okay. Tips over. Enjoy and don't forget explore with a map!

Map - Get there for free as well as you arrived Langkawi.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry christmas 2010

My mum dated me going to church today - Merry Christmas, and I know I've been long time din't go to church already. May be a year din't back to church worship.  So, today I feel very impatience. After that we ahead to "de garden" for lunch.
Finally, we reach "Wong Kok". It's menu has changed to green color. If I'm not mistaken last time menu is red in color.

Free to feel good.

Just taking the scene from the front shop, we din't go in.

My bro pretended haven't notice the camera because he said that he don't like to take photos.

No, not sky juice. It's rainbow juice!

Who's taller? Christmas tree won.

Art-feeling. Zhacka.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Big secret!!!

I just get the big secret!! It's suffer if you keeping a secret which you want to shared. But never mind, after tomorrow this secret will be reviewed. By the people who want me to keep this.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Earn money online for blogger

I used a week to find advertisement company which can let blogger to earn money. First company I found was Nuffnang which located at Malaysia, and I quite like this company. It'd provided a lot activity and campaign for blogger to earning some money online. In return, you have to help advertise the banner which I felt a decoration for a blog.You can 100% believe this website. Click banner below to see more.

Another company is BloggerAd which is Taiwan company. Not so sure about the management but a hot malaysian singer Namewee put this ads in this blog so I feel it can be believed.But prefered chinese I think because the web's content all in Chinese and may be not accurate even translate. Click banner below to see more.
Click to see more information about BLOGAD.

America company, actually I not sure what company is this but the bonus counted was in USD currency so ... Whatever. It's truly help you earn some but I haven't get any cash yet. So, no guarantee.

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Bring your friends to catch the Beast, Gna and 4minute live! Thanks to DiGi! Get your party passes #DiGikpop at DiGi Retail Centre today!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first upload to youtube - 龙卷风 .

龙卷风 form Jay Chow, this song I loved so much and this time I get no shame to upload to YouTube, haha. See more on

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

M'sia block Facebook?!

My friend told me that government later days will block citizen from surfing Facebook!! Tell me this is not real. I can't imagine how the users will be respond if this really be executed.

I guess, in Malaysia this country at least having 70 population have addicted on Facebook - (They will first click into Facebook while just online or else Facebook has already been their homepage. After they log into Facebook, even though no notifications, no comments, no post, they will scroll down to see others posts till they really feel bored. Now, they click own profile, nothing to do, click back to home, nothing to do... this steps may repeat few times because they waiting something related to them. )

This is a very serious symptom . I can tell because I just doing what I've just mentioned. So, if Facebook banned or blocked. I feel that suicided rate in Malaysia will increase sharply. This is not kidding. I read a blog from a girl, she said that she will suicide if can't surf Facebook for one day.