Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clean teeth Dental calculus

I just back from hospital for clean teeth. Before going into hospital I thought my teeth was so healthy and should no panic. But, I was wrong. It's totally pain!!!
My tears almost come out from my eyes! The sound keep on buzzing and I keep on being racking...

Finally after 20 minutes (But I feel the time was much more longer than that) Dentist warned me that these 2 days my gum may swollen and sensitive, so get rid of cold, hard, and extreme food.The dentist also tell me the reason that why I feel pain,  that is because my teeth grew quite a lot calculus. In my heart asking what the hell was that?! But of course I din't ask the dentist.

I back home check what was that, and Calculus actually is quite horror diseases.

It's a bacteria which attached to your teeth and begin grow or multiplying. But this type of microorganism are generally harmless but by time they build up a measurable level and finally it will loosen your teeth by ...I don't know how to explain accurately. But I think is after sometime, calculus become bigger and bigger and the structure may harmful for gum. Gum is the support for teeth so teeth can't survive if gum has been destructed.

How to get rid of calculus?
A dentist will tell you that visit him/her twice a year. But I checked on web, and it's telling a very very truth.The long time ago people whose didn't depend on dentist but they din't have any teeth disease as well as I din't read it from a book. So, why todays people grow calculus?!

It's food!!! Nowadays, food has no more chemical-less. Chemical substances sticked to our teeth and make home for germs. So, I get the information on the web is take no-added sugar, chemicals or synthetic ingredients food, exercise regularly and do not take drugs. Prefer more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.
There din't mention about meat! That mean better don't consume meat. Do I have to become a vegetarian? I don't mind. But my family wont do that. Or else... visit dentist twice a year to clean teeth. That's all.

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