Monday, January 10, 2011

Service of Jusco SONY is just like SHIT!

Forget tell you all. That day I with Sky go to Jusco to buy a pendrive. At first I thought only the SONY Jusco was selling pendrive. So we both go and ask the price. RM58 for 8GB, I forgot to take down photos of SONY pendrive. But after we brought we pass through a stall which was just in front of SONY.

 The pendrive was just RM49 for 8GB! Nevermind, we didn't want to do anything. But the sales tell me that this cheaper pendrive got life-time-warranty. Arh!! I forgot to ask SONY that the pendrive's warranty. I tell sky if warranty 5 years then nevermind. 

Can you guess SONY pendrive warranty how long?

It's one year!!! Oh, shit. This is totally unbelievable!! You know what SONY tells me? 

The boss said: "No, there's no rules that you can return the pendrive."

I asked: "No, you sell a thing to me and if it's got a warranty you supposed to tell me! And if I know this warranty is so short I won't buy it!"

Boss now said: "You buy thing you don't see the labels of the products? You should see by yourself."

Hohoho. I checked the Pendrive and there's no label that showing this pendrive warranty one year. Finally, they all blacked-face and give me the money back and then I just buy another pendrive(figure above)in front of them. RM57 for Silicon Power, 8GB, waterproof, small, and unique. 

What a joke?! SONY.. Service like this I really felt disappointed. I won't ever go there buy thing again.

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