Thursday, January 27, 2011

Utar karaokay 2011

Today I went for audition already! It looks so pro and this make me so nervous!

Before went in I told myself it's just enough simple, go in, sing it loud and then walk out.

But after went in I saw four judges, two camera man, and one hand-cam recorder pointing at you, even they tried to be friendly with me, but my mouth kept trembling. Sorry that I can't take down the photos and share with you all >.<

Finally I sang 3 songs.

Judges gave comments:"You have a nice voice. But you're too panic I think. Beat not same and I expecting you can sing free and loud. Okay, wait our call for confirmation." (no cheat)

Hooowrraaaahh... Although I don't know that they saying the truth or what.


Feel nice and I would take part in these type of activities again. Just for fun.

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