Sunday, January 30, 2011

RM0.99 Ice-Cream

Just ate an ice-cream! But a question appear in my mind, an ice-cream sold only RM0.99?  My course has just teach us that a deal that gaining money is known as business. Forgive my sensitivity. May be it's just a simply promotion. 
But if I have not mistaken, this "promotion" has proceed for years! It's in Tesco! Hummm...wondering what is the capital making this piece of ice-cream.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Utar karaokay 2011

Today I went for audition already! It looks so pro and this make me so nervous!

Before went in I told myself it's just enough simple, go in, sing it loud and then walk out.

But after went in I saw four judges, two camera man, and one hand-cam recorder pointing at you, even they tried to be friendly with me, but my mouth kept trembling. Sorry that I can't take down the photos and share with you all >.<

Finally I sang 3 songs.

Judges gave comments:"You have a nice voice. But you're too panic I think. Beat not same and I expecting you can sing free and loud. Okay, wait our call for confirmation." (no cheat)

Hooowrraaaahh... Although I don't know that they saying the truth or what.


Feel nice and I would take part in these type of activities again. Just for fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Utar Lizard

What you figured out? 
It's a rainy day when I take this photo. Utar was full of wild-life! It's not a small lizard, it's approximate having at least 1m long I think.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WeskLake Evening

 Today second time go to audition again, but there's full again and need to try tomorrow. I think tomorrow will be full again, so may be will go earlier. 
Evening, Westlake... 
Took after failed to take part in audition.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chinese New Year decorations | Angpau TangLung & New light-bulb

This year CNY my mom very active in decorate our home.

New stuff to decorate home - Angpau TangLung. This is absolutely home-made, so you won't able to buy it in Pasar.
I helped to hang it up.

New light-bulb as well. The old one looks not good and my mum decided to change new one. 
Shinning, shinning.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Choon feng's birthday - Abox with Cream-War!!

Scene : Abox

Choon Feng:"Yeah, I'm look like Jay Chow now!"  (Cameras kept flashing..)

 Why the candle sunk into the cake? Let me bite it out, hehe!

 Oops, accidentally creamed on face, but the candle was out!

But THE CREAM was going to infect arhh!! Who's the next?

Second victim, Agnes.

3rd victim, Dominic.

 4th victim, Hong zai.

4th victim, Yi Heng.

5th victim?? The cake! We ate the cake after sing birthday song. 
After that, we back home. Happy Birthday to Choon Feng.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chinese new year big clean-up

Chinese new year is approaching and I and my mom decided to make a big clean-up and decorate our house. The big cupboard(below) used me 5 hours more to rearrange, clean, and throw all the junks! 

All the stuff in the cupboard was removed out of my room and start clean everything that I want.


5 hours work. See a empty-lot there? That's for my brother, he need to fill it after he'd tuition.

At the same time, my mum cleaning living-room, kitchen, and her bedroom. She quite troublesome sometime, but she likes her place clean and tidy.

She vacuuming a empty table... with slippers.

New curtains, sofa-covers, and some decorations. Right hand-side is my mum's friend. She came here to help my mum.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Awaiting 2011 new year hair

Eu One saloon.
RM28 usual price, chinese new year price is RM33. I really hope that I could change new hair style. This is first time I make a difference to my hair. 

 This is the photo I sent to my girlfriend, she seems not so like it. But never mind, it'll better after 3days I think. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Service of Jusco SONY is just like SHIT!

Forget tell you all. That day I with Sky go to Jusco to buy a pendrive. At first I thought only the SONY Jusco was selling pendrive. So we both go and ask the price. RM58 for 8GB, I forgot to take down photos of SONY pendrive. But after we brought we pass through a stall which was just in front of SONY.

 The pendrive was just RM49 for 8GB! Nevermind, we didn't want to do anything. But the sales tell me that this cheaper pendrive got life-time-warranty. Arh!! I forgot to ask SONY that the pendrive's warranty. I tell sky if warranty 5 years then nevermind. 

Can you guess SONY pendrive warranty how long?

It's one year!!! Oh, shit. This is totally unbelievable!! You know what SONY tells me? 

The boss said: "No, there's no rules that you can return the pendrive."

I asked: "No, you sell a thing to me and if it's got a warranty you supposed to tell me! And if I know this warranty is so short I won't buy it!"

Boss now said: "You buy thing you don't see the labels of the products? You should see by yourself."

Hohoho. I checked the Pendrive and there's no label that showing this pendrive warranty one year. Finally, they all blacked-face and give me the money back and then I just buy another pendrive(figure above)in front of them. RM57 for Silicon Power, 8GB, waterproof, small, and unique. 

What a joke?! SONY.. Service like this I really felt disappointed. I won't ever go there buy thing again.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2nd Semester Result

To be honest i get GPA 3.2 mostly that marks not all from me. Thanks to my course-mate and friend too. Here the CGPA has 2.9057, 0.1 more to reach 3.0. Have to work hard next SEM.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Volkswagen Eos sport car Ipoh Jusco

It's a car show in Jusco Ipoh. It's looks grand rite? So I take down some photos, it's a rare chance! ( for me ) Don't ask me how much was the price because I not even dare look at it. 

Weird expression, shy Sky. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Clean teeth Dental calculus

I just back from hospital for clean teeth. Before going into hospital I thought my teeth was so healthy and should no panic. But, I was wrong. It's totally pain!!!
My tears almost come out from my eyes! The sound keep on buzzing and I keep on being racking...

Finally after 20 minutes (But I feel the time was much more longer than that) Dentist warned me that these 2 days my gum may swollen and sensitive, so get rid of cold, hard, and extreme food.The dentist also tell me the reason that why I feel pain,  that is because my teeth grew quite a lot calculus. In my heart asking what the hell was that?! But of course I din't ask the dentist.

I back home check what was that, and Calculus actually is quite horror diseases.

It's a bacteria which attached to your teeth and begin grow or multiplying. But this type of microorganism are generally harmless but by time they build up a measurable level and finally it will loosen your teeth by ...I don't know how to explain accurately. But I think is after sometime, calculus become bigger and bigger and the structure may harmful for gum. Gum is the support for teeth so teeth can't survive if gum has been destructed.

How to get rid of calculus?
A dentist will tell you that visit him/her twice a year. But I checked on web, and it's telling a very very truth.The long time ago people whose didn't depend on dentist but they din't have any teeth disease as well as I din't read it from a book. So, why todays people grow calculus?!

It's food!!! Nowadays, food has no more chemical-less. Chemical substances sticked to our teeth and make home for germs. So, I get the information on the web is take no-added sugar, chemicals or synthetic ingredients food, exercise regularly and do not take drugs. Prefer more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.
There din't mention about meat! That mean better don't consume meat. Do I have to become a vegetarian? I don't mind. But my family wont do that. Or else... visit dentist twice a year to clean teeth. That's all.