Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sky's Macbook Air

Actually Sky planned to buy an iPad3 even if it's expensive when launch. 
But finally he can't TAHAN his old PC already. So, he has made a decision to online buy a Macbook Air.

It's just looks like sticking on my desk.. 
RM3099 - 11' inches Macbook Air.

The thickness of front part of her is about the size of the USB hub.


Save PTPTN again.. 

but when the time i buying the next apple's product, i think i definitely no more a student. 
Now, let myself keep adapt to the NETBOOK.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Potluck gathering 13 august 2011

Yang Jie back from India and we got gathering at Yi tong house. Everyone bring foods there and eat together. That's fun!

Yeah, he was black!
ah!!! We did have fun but what have forgotten is games!! So regret that we dint played games... I could probably hear the laughter (chehahaha) from Jie.. Sigh..

Nvm, we took a lot photos too. To save my blog space I just put one of them here..

Wai kei: "hey, get off!! U blocked me!"
Hui Xin: "nanana...."