Friday, December 23, 2011

Nike . Christmas . Mom

I got my Christmas gift from my mom this year. It's basketball shoe.. my first ball shoe..

The color so cool and I love it so much..

hmm.. thinking what present should I prepare for family and girlfriend. HAHA.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

First time car out smoke!

Didn't update my blog for quite number of days. And today, my mom and I went Ipoh shopping and took few photos that shock me when i having my breakfast..

 Shark: "Merry Christmas~ Hohoho"

Sell sharks' bone!

Hmm.. my first thought is so Cruel man.. but then after a while I reminded that every time i went for wedding dinner also ate shark-fins soup and feel it's quite tasty..

After that when I heading to Jusco, my old car down already and smoke come out from the engine!!

Luckily i met Lee and her mom fetch us back kampar first and my car have to stay at Jusco..  :(


The second day Lee fetched me go Jusco and accompany whole day long to repair the car.. Luckily got two Lee (Lee Yi Tong & Lee Chee Yoong) help me get through this. haha!

The woman behind not fong's mom okay...

The funny thing we found at the parking lot! This car glued with thousands of 公仔!

I saw the empty space there! Must someone plucked it down!

Kamen Rider Rx

Lee was so excited when saw this car.. haha.