Monday, January 2, 2012

Basketball. Bone fracture . Bother

Yea.. Forget to tell you all. My cutie brother, he broke his leg when playing basketball with me. One month he had been just staying at home and playing computer until I bring him to see doctor again. He laugh when I taking photo of him ( but he dint realised that his pants was torn =.= )

Until I told him..
My brother: "Oh shit!"

Have to wait another 6 weeks to meet doctor again. Hope he getting well as soon as possible.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year of 2012 . End of World

Sometime I thinking whether this is the end of world, but there are dozen of things I should done in this whole year.

I gonna list out objectives here: Win some prize in Intel competition, get money as much as i could no matter how, try get into dean list again, to get more friends and nicely treat my family member include the one I haven't forgive.

Life can be more meaningful if you have clear targets!

That's all.

HP Pavilion G4

Yang Jie has back and we planned to have some activities since he can only back Malaysia once a year. We (Fei, Sky, him and I ) finally went KL to have lunch at Japanese buffet restaurant - Jogoya and Huixin meet us at there.

 Fei licking his lips after Jogoya.

I've bought my first laptop in Lowyat plaze! Although the graphic is quite low but then I still love it..

Great audio, nice looking, and comfortable keyboard and touch pad but short battery life.. I will use this to make project and I hope it's enough time to complete it..

God bless~