Monday, June 25, 2012

Sky's birthday

Sky's birthday! But unfortunately there's so less friends that around Kampar. Just 5 of us, Chee Yoong, Mok, Fei, Ong and me celebrate with him. But he was emotional after all. Probably because of his girlfriend. 

See, he's not even smiling. T.T

We took all the tiny toys as chips for playing Texas Poker. That day Chee Yoong and Fei were big winner. Losers will be punished by winners. There are super funny punishment!

Then we back at 2, because the next day got morning class. Happy birthday for Sky!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Finally I throw my old Nokia dummy phone away! Hooray..

Spend some money from savings and PTPTN to get the new Galaxy Nexus. It's really nice, beautiful, brilliant, but a bit lagging after I installed dozens of apps, overall I'm quite satisfied with Nexus. I don't have camera to take some first look of Nexus. So, I only can print screen and upload here.

I though loving iPhone, but I like android too. I have to like it. HAHA.