Monday, July 9, 2012

My 22's birthday.

Hah! This time my birthday always fall on Thursday. And, we (Fei, Chee Yoong, Fong, Mok, and Sky)  headed to ipoh watch Spiderman. The Lizardman was so ugly! Mok gave me birthday present in car (which I never thought of) sort of touch and surprise. 

After bought the ticket, we went Tong Shui Street for some food, but somehow, the super tasty beef noodles has sold out.

Present from mok: Phone cover and screen protector! Woohoo, he knew I won't buy one for my own phone.

Isn't that great?

After that, Sky gave me birthday present too! A ticket of Spiderman.
Hoho.. so happy that I having good friends to have some great moments. 

I was so sad that I din't left the chance to celebrate birthday with mom.