Sunday, January 13, 2013

Study, Business, Future

It's a very very hard choice as this is a decision of my future. I was been told to study hard and obtain the good results as they are the passport to the great success. But during the internship, I've read a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and it inspired me so much so much. It encourage people to focus on own business or investment in order to escape from poverty.

However, if you want me to give up my study immediately, I definitely can not do it because I knew there is very huge responsibility as RM 88,000 loan applied, most important my mom doesn't want this happen to me. (drop out)

Everyday, I think non-stop and it's doesn't disappear in my mind. This is the rule of the world. This is a game. The game of reality. Rich man 99% came from business and majority of them don't have high education. They take risk, they failed, they learned, they never GIVE UP!

The author said "Everything comes with a price, and I personally feel this is worth for taking this path. Path to be rich! In exchange you need to experience the situation where mostly people will not like to experience."


Now, I'm desperate, scare, and excited. Never felt this way before when I study study and study. I need to think more, do more, and I hoping everything is working fine. God bless..