Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hong Kong walk

Macau Galaxy 星河













All expenses while staying Hong Kong: 

Big mac - HK18
Tart - HK8
Instant Noodles - HK8
Casino Game - HK10
Tart - HK8
Fried Noodles - HK10
7 eleven -  HK15
Casino Game - HK5
Ferry - HK150
Octopus Card - HK150
Duck Rice - HK35
Ocean wax house - HK450
Phone credit - HK50
菠萝Bread - HK9
Underwear - HK60
Souvenir - HK50
Fishball - HK7
Sugar cane - HK8
Tart - HK4.5
Gao Mee - HK29
Octopus card - HK200
Steam Pork Rice - HK36 
MCD burger - HK24
Beer - HK12.9
Maggie - HK7.5
Wantan mee - HK36
Casino Game - HK40
Ferry - HK150

Hong Kong is a very clean, tidy, safe and expensive place to stay. I noticed that every meal they consumed was so intensively large. I was really very fulled with one bowl of rice. 

The most impressive about Hong Kong was the internet speed. With HK50, I bought a unlimited 3G sim card for one week. It fly my phone with 7.3Mbps, even you were currently underneath the earth and sea sitting on a MTR. 

Tart was good when it was still hot.

MCD were selling porky burger and it was damn tasty. It was somehow cheaper than some instant noodles. 

The pineapple bread was awesome. 

7-eleven outlet was everywhere.  

Octopus card was convenient. 

The 宾馆 was way far from 酒店 on every aspect. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Conclude the year of 2013

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Gua Tempurung

Brother's birthday

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