Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TI's Days

My first job after graduated. TI's product engineer. I still remember how excited I am when I noticed that I hired by this world class giant. 

I really appreciated how my performance was expected from this company and to be honest I'd try my best to suit my self in this company but my ambitious couldn't let me to do so. 😜

As always, I wanted to be best out of the best. These routine job-scope made me so sick, and made me impassioned. 😷

Deep in my heart, I want to be rich as soon as possible and I realized this is impossible if I continue working in TI. I mean really super rich. 😱

This moment, I knew I've to do a decision. 

Stay or leave.

Of course I've struggled. For a while. Anyway I decided to leave. Sorry. Sorry that I really loss all my passion, interests, and faith in TI. At last, unfortunately I'm still have to leave and seek my own career. 😢

For sure, I knew I will not living any better after I leaved TI. And the truth is I lived even worse. Now, I'm tired than before. Those anxieties. Worries.

But one thing I'm very sure, I'm making progress. 

Thank you my TI's friends, for everyone whoever helped me. I will definitely remember all of you. 

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  1. anyone deserve better life. just go seek for it.