Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life is very challenging

I knew the life could be very miserable if I resign my job being an engineer.

When I just join as a property advisor, I'd insomnia the whole night just thinking how am I going to close one deal.

I cried secretly in the midnight just because I not able to get one deal close in a month.

My leg was sooooo pain as I know I have to be the most hardworking people and standing for 12 hours.

I believe I could have done better. Everytime I drive alone, I turn off radio and giving encourage speech to myself. I could pay all I have to get more customer.

I believe I'm in a right path. A path to become a successful person. This day is getting nearer each day.

Time is the only matter. Slowly and painfully.

As I want to let my mom proud of me.
Bring her see the whole world.
Giving her a good life.
All these will need money.

Time is the only issue.
I sacrificed my time being together.
Went out to city and work very hard.
Rarely spending time with family.
In order to get my successful life and money.

But time doesn't wait. That day was still far far away. I'm waiting for one chance. i will grab this chance very very tight. Bet on this chance to turn around. All in on this precious moment, like I put my life in it.

In return, I can success early.
I'm only 70% ready for this moment.

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